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This painting is a prayer for the generational healing of trauma for the families effected by Windrush.

My own family are connected to the Windrush generation, but never spoke of the hardships they faced coming to this country or the racial injustice. Although we know it happened after they settled in West London. Families were separated to come to England and later reunited in the coldest winter Britain had ever seen, coming to live with mums and dads they could hardly remember. This kind of trauma is a familiar story for many immigrants looking for better lives in other countries and leaves wounds and scars that no eye can see, and no doctor can heal. Ripple effects of this kind of trauma can flow into the preceding generations, leaving resentment, bitterness, rejection, and abandonment issues in its wake.

My painting is a prayer for Victory over these traumas, based on the following scriptures from the Holy Bible.

Revelation 22:2b

The leaves of the tree of life are for the healing of the Nations.

Proverbs 3:8

Seeking wisdom brings healing.

Proverbs 3:18

Seeking for her (wisdom) brings the discovery of untold blessings for she is the healing tree of life to those who taste her fruits.

The inspiration for this painting is the flower that symbolises Victory. The Gentian flower of victory and the Nasturtium which is a symbol of victory and success. Nasturtium means trophy or monument.

The first layers of the painting are symbolic of the colours of the Jamaica flag and the DNA coding that links a family/tribe together, (which if held up to the light is visible underneath.)

The genesis of our families and the rich heritage of the motherland, but also the trauma of separation and hardship as a result of the Windrush journey.

Then layers build up and are abstracted to represent the flowers mentioned above. Refreshing for the soul, washing away of tears, spilt blood, and injustice, bringing reconciliation for families, people groups and communities.

My prayer is that the person that receives this painting will experience the tangible effects of healing in their life, for them, their families, and their community.

Liana Holden