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Poetry Competition

National Windrush Day 22nd June 1948 is of immense importance as it honours the invaluable contributions and enduring legacy of the Caribbean people who arrived in the UK on the troop ship MV Empire Windrush to help Britain after World War 11.

Icane   Foundation are inviting schools to enter a poetry competition to celebrate and commemorate the importance of this national day, its  impact in building and enriching British society culturally and economically such as in music,the NHS (national health service) business, food, transport and so much more.By commemorating the Windrush Generation we pay tribute to their resilience, courage and determination in the face of adversity.

We are asking you to research the historical significance of the Windrush Generation and write a poem inspired by the work of Benjamin Zephaniah.There is a strong relationship between Benjamin and the Windrush generation,both personally and through his artistic and advocacy work.
Make it your poem, your words, your style based on what you have learnt and is significant to you about the Windrush Generation.
Competition entries below
Information below if his work is new to you

He is a British poet, writer, and  musician of Jamaican descent, and his work often reflects the experiences and cultural influences of the Caribbean community in the UK.Zephaniahs family, like many others,were part of the Windrush generation,and his upbringing and heritage have undoubtedly shaped his artistic expression and activism.He has been vocal about the struggles and triumphs of the Windrush generation and has used his platform to advocate for social justice and equality for people of Caribbean descent in Britain.

One of his most famous poems is Talking Turkeys

He published sixteen books. One of which is “We Are Britain” (2002)- an anthology of poems celebrating cultural diversity.