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Parental Education


It all begins with an understanding of the education framework and your role in enhancing your child’s potential. We will empower you by ensuring you secure the knowledge and understanding to feel confident to work in partnership with educational establishments.

Share your ambition for your child and acknowledge your own barriers in supporting their development.



100 Great Black Britons


We will be providing coaching and mentoring for individual parents and young people. Our debates and workshops will provide a safe space to address your concerns, to provide the advice and support. Our training sessions cover identified areas by many parents:

  • Learning – attainment and progress
  • Exclusion
  • Curriculum
  • Behaviour

We collaborate and network with professionals in education and health to ensure you are always accurately informed. Join us in the range of activities planned – look out for us on social media and this website.

Our inter-generational workshops will develop a better understanding of your child’s needs – ‘Each One Teach One’. Let’s listen to our young people and elders and see how they work together.

Early Years

The Early Years are the most important phase in a child’s education. It is important to understand child development and your role working alongside early years practitioners in providing a rich learning environment.

Early Years

Early Years Training

We provide training on the following:


  • Attachment and self regulation
  • Emotional coaching
  • Communication – literacy and reading.

Young People

It’s important to have a voice and to be listened to.

Young People

Young People

We mentor and coach as well as provide activities which will develop children’s critical thinking, communication, creativity, citizenship, character education and collaboration.


  • Debate club

  • Drama

  • Art

  • Public speaking

  • Writing and reading clubs

…And as far as possible, clubs the children ask for!