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Our Sons and Daughters: A Systematic Approach to supporting the Educational Needs of Children of African and Caribbean Heritage


11th of November 2021

With speakers

Dr Melissa Cortina, Noel Gordon, Anne Palmer & Mrs Lunda David

This Seminar is aimed at African and Caribbean parents to engage them in discussing with experts how they can meet the educational needs of their children and engage positively with schools to ensure that their children achieve their potential.



Co-founder Yvonne Davis – Chairperson of seminar:


Co-Founder Valma James:

Aims of Icane:

Dr Melissa Cortina – Senior Research Fellow at Anna Freud – National Centre for Children and Families:

A summary of Emerging evidence research on  the impact of COVID-19 on children & The role of parents  in supporting  their child during these challenging times

Noel Gordon:

Exploring The BBC programme on Educational Subnormal: (A British Scandal) Noel shares his personal experience on way parents need to  participate in the educational system

 Anne Palmer – Principal FCCT CEO of Fig Tree International:

Anne has a wealth of experience working in the UK and internationally leading in challenging schools, universities, the Department for Education, with governors and is a member of the National Governors Association (NGA) Diversity and Equalities Advisory Group.

Anne will share her knowledge of the importance of school parent partnership and of being a parent governor

Mrs Lunda David:

Experienced teacher and parent – top tips in how to work in partnership with schools


Participants are requested to re-join the seminar by using the  same zoom link to access the remaining of the seminar

Conclusion and Questions


Nov 11 2021


18:30 - 19:30


  • Dr Melissa Cortina
    Dr Melissa Cortina
    Senior Research Fellow

    Dr Melissa Cortina is a Senior Research Fellow at the Evidence Based Practice Unit (EBPU) at the Anna Freud Centre and UCL. She has been conducting research in children and young people’s mental health for over 15 years and has particular expertise in school-based intervention and evaluation both in the UK and low and middle income countries. Melissa has worked closely with the DfE and DHSC over the last five years to conduct evaluations and had a lead role in producing the Emerging Evidence Series, which collated the emerging evidence around the impact of the pandemic on children and young people’s mental health.

  • Noel Gordon
    Noel Gordon

    I was born 1966 on an RAF base where my parents worked. I started at White Spires special school when I was around six-years-old. We had no curriculum; therefore, no education. We did not have proper lessons. As a result, I could not spell, add up or write.
    It has taken decades to repair the damage. I studied for number of qualifications that help me get better jobs and out of the factory. I write for children now and I am a self-published author.

  • Anne Palmer
    Principal FCCT, CEO @ Figtree Intl
  • Lunde David
    BAMEedse Lead, teacher